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All Times Listed are Eastern Standard Time

7:21 Am: Kick Off - "Who Is Batman"

Join Producer Kyle and Author of The Subterranean Blue Grotto Essays on Batman '66 Jim Beard to discuss the question of "Who is Batman?" beyond the basics.

8 am : Breakfast with Batman

Relive childhood Saturday Mornings with Producer Kyle, watching the Batman '66 tv show and discussing the show.

9 am: Dan DiDio

Ms. Jen talks to former Editor in Chief of DC comics and current Editor in Chief of Frank Miller Presents about his time at DC and his history with Batman

10 am: Mike DeCarlo

Legendary Batman artist Mike DeCarlo will be joining us to talk about his work on Batman, and will be taking commissions. If you'd like to get a commission from Mike CLICK HERE

10:30 am: John Romita Jr.

There is no name more synonymous with comics than Romita. John Romita Jr. joins us to talk about his Batman run and will join us at several points during the day. John has a very limited commission list that will be open all day. To find out more CLICK HERE

11 am: Jim Starlin

Jim Starlin is a comic book assassin. Think about all the major characters he has had a part in destroying. Not the least of which was Jason Todd. We will talk about that and all of Jim's other work

12 pm: Ram V

Current Detective Comics writer Ram V sits down for a short chat with Jen King to talk about why he wanted to work on Batman and what he has in-store.

12:30 pm: John Romita Jr Returns

1 pm: What's in the Batman Box

A Live Comic Sale from Space Cadets Collection Collection! Register your Claims HERE

3 pm: J.M. DeMatteis

J.M. DeMatteis started his career on a Batman coloring book, since then he has written some of the biggest characters in all of comics from Marvel as well as DC. He sits down with Onrie Kompan to talk writer to writer.

4 pm: Bat Chat

A free wheeling loose conversation about Batman and the surrounding universe, fan theories, dream stories everything. 

5 pm: Triple T

Join Chuck and Wyndi for their signature trivia game Talk and Treats Trivia. This time with a Bat-theme! 

5:45 pm: John Romita Jr. Retruns

6 pm: Jim Beard

Author Jim Beard, writer of the Subterranean Blue Grotto essays on Batman '66 joins us to talk about the ever popular Batman Television show.

7 pm: Nerdcular Warfare

How good are you at obscure references? Can you argue better than anyone you know? That's the show! Tune in to check it out. 

8 pm: Friday Night Live on Saturday

Nancy McCann has been selling comics for a long time. She has sold more Batman than you could shake a Collapsable Bat Stick at. Join her and her gang for a live sale. Register your Claims HERE

During Friday Night Live on Saturday

Jesse Leon McCann has been a writer of all ages comics for decades working on Scooby Doo, The Simpsons, and Batman. He is also Nancy's husband. Jesse will be signing copies of his book Crypto the Super Dog

10 pm: Chat and Draw

Our friends from the Indie comics community join us to talk about their love of the Batman universe and create some Batman art. You can pick it up from the guests if you'd like too! 

12 am: Build A Batman

Andrew Cockerell of Up Up and Away! Comics joins us to talk about how Batman day went in his shop and to put together some Batman Lego!

1 am: Devil's Advocates

A Special Edition of Devil's Advocates, Which Joker theory is best? Did Jason Todd really have it coming? Why does the Batmobile still look cool? Debate with us!

2 am: Kevin Porter

Actor and real life Batman Kevin Porter joins us to talk about his work on Bat in the Sun on YouTube and his time playing the caped crusader. 

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